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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Next resolution to be tackled today is a local Yoga,Tai Chi, Pilates workout.  I've not been to a keep fit class since whenever and am feeling a little apprehensive, but I must try some exercise other than walking to work and back.  Believe me I've dabbled in other exercises  Spinning,  I lost the general control of my legs, I couldn't walk straight.  Kung Fu, too disciplined for my liking and the fashion sense not vintage dahling.  Zumba scares me as I don't have very good co-ordination so will always be the one at the back facing the wrong way and doing the wrong moves.  Swimming only done in the swimming pool on holiday.  Jogging, now I like that but keep having recurring dreams that I'm running and not getting anywhere or is that a memory?
Anyway I have my Yoga mat and a bottle of water and I'll be off.  Memories of another Yoga class bring me a sense of dread, people bending this way and that tends to manipulate any air bubbles, I hope there's no OOPS tonight.

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