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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Well so far not good.  As predicted I seem to be too busy to blog, but I will persevere.  I have a very slow, problematic computer which is so frustrating.  I misplaced my camera charger so my next resolution to clear my camera of photos was somewhat hindered but ........   Moan Moan, not a good blog entry.
Anyway, I am persevering with the Yoga, I was surprised at how much I could do considering I'v not exercised in hmm a long time.  My balance leaves a lot to be desired, but if I was meant to stand on one leg perfectly still, why do I have two?
Today I went in search of an elusive endangered beast, the Red squirrel at Formby Point Red Squirrel reserve.  This is the third time I have visited these woods and after previous non sightings was not expecting to see much this time BUT I did !  Amazing how exciting it is to see something with your own eyes that you never thought you would see, annoyed that I didn't have my camera with me to share this moment (I now have found my charger and my camera will be with me at all times for future points of interest)  Found a photo on National Trust website to share with you


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