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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Today I went on one of my favourite walks here in Wirral.  Thurstaston country park which is on part of the Wirral Way http://www.thurstaston.wherewideweb.com/wirralway.html.  I donned my flower power wellies and was at one stage paddling in the sea like a big daft kid !!  Love it

It was misty today so we couldn't even see across the Dee estuary to North Wales and the river was still with no tide.  We skimmed stones, himself was the champion with a total of ten bounces from one pebble, I just can't master this art !!
The steps down to the beach

What I love about this circular route we take is that we travel in one direction along the beach and head back using the path along the cliff tops through the country park.  I'm always on the lookout for anything that might interest me or inspire my next craft project.
This made me laugh,  a rogue industrial glove had somehow got lodged in this sculpture, like a dismembered hand !

I found these lovely little toadstools growing on a a log aren't they a fantastic colour?

I swear that this cheeky little robin was posing for my camera, he sat watching us for ages not shy at all  
  I was thinking today that this year I may actually commit myself to complete the Wirral coast walk the full 15 miles http://www.visitwirral.com/whats-on/wirral-coastal-charity-walk-p44258.  I've been wanting to do it for years but always forget to register, I'll have to start hassling my friends to see who will be my walking partner, I also need to think what charity I will collect my sponsor money for. Watch this space.....

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