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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

As predicted I'm useless at Blogging.  I'm always too busy, but I have had a couple of days of work and therefore have been crafting again.  Here is a Lavender Mimi Mouse.  I purchased the very first kit of this design to be sold to the public from "Cool crafting" when I visited her stall at the Vintage fare at Liverpool St George's Hall recently.  It took me a couple of hours and was lovely to do.  I want to make a large one and use it as a doorstop, I'm even considering doing it in some denim off cuts I have to make it more hardwearing.  Here is the website for you to visit, she also had a lovely owl design and birds of paradise 

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  1. Hi and thanks for becoming a new follower!
    Sweet mouse, and it would look good as you say made larger in denim as a doorstop.
    Building a blog is slow work and time consuming, but the best thing is to get out there and leave comments on other peoples blogs, follow them, and most will return the compliment!
    That last stage for me up to 200 followers took forever, the first 50 to 100 come surprisingly fast!
    Good Luck and keep blogging, if only as a diary - mine set out to be a diary of what Id made, a record of the garden, and my vintage buys, and it just grew!

    Gill xx