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Monday, 31 December 2012

Well reflecting on 2012 I didn't do very well with my blog did I.  Note to self  "Must try harder".  Well I'm still crafting and still doing my Yoga (now that is an achievement for me !)
I had to be creative for Christmas as I was asked to make a Darth Vader helmet for my 6 month old niece, Martha, now affectionately referred to as Marth Vader.  I will post pictures when I get a nice one.
My knitting is getting known around friends and colleagues and orders are starting to come my way, I could have a thriving business if I knuckle down to it.  This may be a good thing as my job is under threat of redundancy, but hey ho every cloud has a silver lining.

It may be the opportunity for me to change my life to something I dream to do, something in the arts and crafts.

New Year resolutions are being made, the first one is to use up my wool stash, and how am I going to do this? By joining this group on Ravelry  www.ravelry.com/groups/12-months-of-christmas-2013, I vow to create at least one gift a month to give to my friends and family next Christmas.  I'm halfway through my first Owl wrist warmer, a brilliant easy pattern from December's issue of Mollie Makes

I love love love this magazine it is truly inspirational, it also has a fantastic website www.molliemakes.com if you love crafts you will not be disappointed.

I have no excuse not to maintain my blog as I now have a proper phone which will make it easier for me to update and add photos etc.  Another resolution get blogging !

I'm off now to rest my achy fluey body, curl up on the couch with my ginger tea and my knitting.  A quiet but happy new year I hope.

Happy New Year to you all xx

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