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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Choices, choices what to knit next?

Well it's February and as I have previously informed you I've joined the 12 months of Christmas 2013 group on Ravelry.  Our remit is to knit a project each month and by Christmas we will have 12 gifts all ready for wrapping instead of trying to frantically finish off on Christmas Eve.
Last month's theme was gauntlets/wrist warmers although you are quite free to knit what you like, but I will try to stick with each month's selection.  February's option is a man's scarf, hmm !  Not the most exciting or challenging thing to do but I have decided to put a further twist on my monthly project and have decided to only work from my vintage pattern selection.

This is only a tiny selection of my collection

The Men's department
So I dug out a small selection today to find a man's scarf pattern, something with a bit of interest, maybe a cable twist or a stripe but not plain old boring knitting in a drab old colour.

Oh dear, fatal idea.  Why ?  Well once I get engrossed in my pattern collection there is a danger I will be there all day.  I'm like a child in a sweet shop !

This was the oldest pattern book in this batch but I do have earlier editions.It is not however just a knitting book it is a piece of social history.  There are recipes and advertisements and handy tips on picking elderberries in this particular edition.

There are patterns for those "Next to nature" items of intimate garments

2 ply yarn - that would take an age to knit !!

Some of the pattern names and introductions make me smile 

Yes and a very knobbly knee .

Look at these absolute gem knitting patterns.  I love the 40's vintage and would love to knit these 

This one in particular

I love the shape and the colours.  The trouble is I won't be able to knit it straight of the pattern and will have to do some serious measuring and converting first as it is only 3 ply yarn.  As much as I love authentic, the thought  of knitting a jumper in yarn so fine scares me, it will take an age !

Back to the matter in hand I found my next project.  
It's a man's scarf -  tick, 
it's from my vintage collection -  tick,
it's not plain old knit or rib - tick

and here it is 

It has a twisted rib design which should keep my interest while I box off another Christmas present.  Next job is to raid my yarn stash for a suitable candidate.  Yes another twist to this year's challenge I must use my yarn stash where appropriate.

I don't make life easy for myself do I ?

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  1. Oh, I did enjoy this post! It made me chuckle. Those knobbly knees - and the women with their tiny waists! What a collection of patterns you have there, no wonder you spent a while choosing the right one.

    Gillian x