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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mersey visitors

Well I've been so busy with all my Valentine's day celebrations this week. I was whisked away for a romantic break in a cottage in the middle of paradise and was wined and dined and made to feel like a princess, how sweet !  Then I woke up and realised it had all been a dream - had you fooled for a moment then hey?
In reality not a very eventful week waiting for the gas man to fix my central heating boiler, in fact I'm waiting for him again now as he fixed one fault but has caused another.  So no hot water or heating until he arrives , my appointment slot is between 12 and 6pm, he'd better hurry up!!

All is not lost though hanging about waiting, look what I've done one and a half socks.

These are my Noro socks, they won't be identical as the yarn is variegated and you never know what colour is coming next.  This is exactly why I love variegated yarn and I find it very addictive.  And I love the Magic Loop method of knitting, why hadn't I known about this until now.  These socks are lovely and warm and I may have to stay dressed like this if this gas man does not appear soon !

We've got a visitor this weekend on the River Mersey , HMS-Illustrious so we decided to go and take a peek today.  I would have loved to go aboard but the queue to get on was longer than the actual air craft carrier itself, so I took some snaps with my camera instead.

It is a fantastic vessel but is coming to the end of its service and will be decommissioned next year.  It certainly drew in the crowds on this lovely bright sunny Spring like day in Liverpool.  It is nice to see all the tourists from all over the world so we took a stroll along the famous water front along to the Albert Dock

Church of our Lady & St Nicholas - a gorgeous little oasis amidst the towering surrounding buildings

The famous Liver Birds

The Port of Liverpool building

The Isle of Man Ferry on the Wirral side

There goes the Ferry across the Mersey

Earlier this week whilst waiting for a previous gas man I had a sudden urge to sketch and have been searching the house for my sketch pad.  I still want to put pencil to paper again so took some pictures around the Albert Dock as I fancy recreating the images in sketch, paint or even collage form.

Pencil sketch to be

Collage to be

While at the dock we dropped into the Pier master's house. This Edwardian house is set out as it would have been at the time of WWII , and you know me and my obsession for 40's vintage.

Look I found my spot in the Living room - right there surrounded by my knitting

And here is my sewing spot in the dining room by the fire (as the gas man has now arrived and has the boiler in bits!)

In the kitchen I can perhaps do some baking using authentic food products. It may not taste very good though.

I wonder what the sell by date is.

Then if this heating is not fixed soon go off to bed to get warm.

One last look at the Albert Dock before I leave you today

The window from the Pier Master's house all masked up ready for the bombing raids

The gas man has finished I now have heat and hot water - Hallelujah !!

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