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Monday, 4 February 2013

Go away Winter, I want to bloom

Ooooh look what if found in my Yarden (yes you read it right !).  I would love a garden but only have a yard with pots and baskets hence the name Yarden.
I had forgotten about these until my hubby pointed them out to me

One of my hanging baskets have started to bloom with darling little tete a tete , lovely !  
Then behind me I spotted this

My hellebore has no leaves yet but has produced this amazing flower, despite all the nasty weather.  Woo hoo Spring is on it's way, and here is further evidence, I spotted these while out walking yesterday

Snow drops -  a little ray of hope after winter

I can't wait to get outside and potter in my pots and baskets, I have bulbs to plant, weeds to pull and unfortunately some casualties of the winter months will have to be removed !  This year I want to try some vegetables and berries, in particular raspberries yum yum.  I have quite a good success rate with strawberries in hanging baskets - so hurry up Spring come on !!

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