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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Odds and ends and Harty Hooks

Since my last post I've been pottering around at home in between that work that helps to pay the bills but gets in the way of my crafts. Being the only female in a male household I'm usually having to jump in when a play fight gets out of hand or I empty their pockets for laundry and find all sorts of odds and ends.   I have to stop them from taking things apart to see how they work as inevitably when they put them back together there are always bits left over.

My little bag of tricks
Well remember De-construct and reconstruct when I attacked an old family heirloom and gave it a bit of TLC to improve its looks as it ages.  Well I had some bits left over........what's that I hear? Practise what you preach ha ha :)

Anyway I was not letting these intriguing bits of yarn get away and I needed a break from knitting round and round and round on my Noro socks, so I got busy making crochet shapes.

I figure that if I use up these bits of yarn and have a selection of embellishments for future projects it will save some time, plus I also like developing my skills and learning new techniques.

My jam jar full of bits and bobs, scissors hooks and double point needles. I must get round to making something more elegant to store my hooks.

I have learnt how to make heart shapes thanks to Simply Crochet  and floral motifs from the sister magazine Mollie makes .  I can now make a magic circle and create a shape letting the yarn colour and texture guide me which way to go.

So now what?

Well I had brought some Tete a Tete miniature daffodil plants in from the market as I want to bring some colour in over these grey months.  I needed a plant pot and remembering what Lucy at Attic 24  created when she needed a plant pot I got busy again.

Not only am I hoarding bits of wool , I'm now looking at food containers.

So what to do now?

A plant pot 

Or a glamorous pot for my hooks instead of a jam jar?

Perhaps I'll get busy and yarn bomb the jam jar.

Talking of hooks I followed a link from Planet penny another crochet blog I follow as she was talking about being sent a Harty hook from Fleabubs.  Intrigued to find out more I visited the web site and found these.  Aren't they wonderful?  Not only that there was a competition to win a hook by naming each collection and the deadline was an hour to closing, so I entered.  Well my flabber was truly gasted when I got home from work yesterday to an email telling me I had won - Woo hoo!

So I've won one of these beauties - yes and I named them.  The name was inspired by the apple design and one of my favourite books by Laurie Lee 

I completed another quick project last night as I promised to create a spring collection for my niece.  I wanted an Easter theme maybe a chick or a bunny and I found this bunny hat at Repeat Crafter me, she has some fabulous patterns.

Here is my finished hat - done in a day .

Now I must go back and finish that sock.  However I've found this ladybird, it is my friends birthday this weekend and she loves ladybirds, so I'll have to make one.  Then I will finish that sock !

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