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Sunday, 6 January 2013

A wonderful weekend

I've had a lovely weekend the weather here has been mild and sunny and there is no way I was going to stay in.  I believe we're in for a cold snap next week so enjoy the good weather as much as you can, is my motto.  I cannot stay indoors cooped up all day. I have to have a daily dose of fresh air (whatever the weather) after that I happily settle down.  Whilst I am out and about I'm constantly on the look out for interesting things to share on my blog, like I said I will endeavour to keep up to date with my blog.

So what have I done since my last post well truly inspired by Lucy at http://attic24.typepad.com/ I went out and got me some flowers as last Thursday here it was dull and raining and I felt I needed some colourful flora to liven me up.  I had seen this French Style planter in my local market so I knew where I was going to head as part of my errands for today

I know the lovely scented hyacinths are in full bloom and in fact are past their best, but they make my kitchen smell nice and they make me happy.  I plan to plant some Tete a tete miniature daffodils when the hyacinths have finished.

Friday back to work for just one day, my normal working week starts again next Monday.  I work full time so I will have to establish a blog routine within my normal routine.

Saturday a gloriously fine weather day!  After all hands on deck to pack away Christmas we then piled into the car and headed off to Wales for the day.  I am fortunate to live close enough to North Wales so I can nip in to take in the fantastic scenery.  You will see this is a regular occurrence, this week Llangollen canal path was our destination and here are some photos (see I'm getting the hang of this now )

An arty shot of a house right on the canal overlooking Llangollen, what a fab place to live!

I love the interesting shapes in this tree root, I can't imagine how much longer it will stay upright

Can you see the Troll face in the middle?

Llangollen Castle City Bran

I love love love the classic canal art

This boat was named Jamming - reggae inspired

After seeing the fantastic canal boats all personalised by their owners we all got to talking about how we would decorate ours if we had such a luxury.  Himself loves vintage cars so that would be walnut and leather and possible clasic Racing Green, H a techno geek would have solar panels and LED strip lights and all gadgets he would require, F would like a Formula 1 motor racing theme.  Myself would be shabby chic, gingham clashing with polka dots, Cath Kidston vintage styling.  Oh if only !!

One thing I forgot to mention is when we go out on our jolly weekend jaunts himself will drive the car.  I can drive its just that its his baby and he prefers to drive himself.  I am happy to be a passenger and gaze out of the window that's if I'm not knitting or crocheting.  Yes yesterday I was crocheting an owl hat http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2012/09/crochet-owl-hat-pattern-in-newborn.html at 70 miles an hour, now that is fast !! 

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