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Friday, 18 January 2013

Watching a weepie :(

Here's the thing - I'm not a big cinema visitor.  As much as I love a good film I hate the hassle of the cinema, the constant scrabbling in the popcorn bucket, the slurping of the icy drinks, the chatting of other inconsiderate cinema goers.  I will however endure these things if it is a must see big epic special effects wow movie that I really must see, or if I have read the book and just can't wait to see the screen adaptation of the book and how it compares with what is in my head.  The soppy love story, the romantic comedy, the musical or the latest animated film I will usually wait until the DVD comes out (that's because I watch TV whilst busy knitting, crocheting or whatever craft I'm indulging in at that time).  I finished off my pair of mittens tonight whilst watching a movie at home.
Tonight I watched this The Notebook and I have only just stopped crying, how sad a story of a romance that had fought through all that life had thrown at it.  I only watched this after it was recommended to me after I had heard of a true account of a long lost love with a very similar story line to this movie.  Bearing in mind these true facts and the events of this movie it is no surprise that I am an emotional wreck.

I've spent most of today checking severe weather warnings as Great Britain is expecting a big snowfall tomorrow.  As we live on a peninsula we're usually quite lucky and the show usually misses us but I have my wellington boots and my big faux fur hat ready for my snow trek expedition to work tomorrow

Oh I hope it doesn't snow and if it does oh I hope I don't slip over.  It's only just over a mile but it's all downhill, maybe I should get a tray from the kitchen and sled to work !
Hey if I get snowed in I may not even be able to go and will be forced to stay at home and knit - yeah !

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