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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Finishing off and mending day

Do you ever have one of those days when all you seem to be doing is finishing off, stitching up and mending. All those fiddly annoying jobs you've been putting off.  Well I've bit the bullet today and did just that.  Seven buttons stitched on, one item of clothing repaired, one Duke of Edinburgh badge stitched to a uniform, and two projects finished off.

The first thing I finished off was my Owl wrist warmers from Mollie Makes, four button for eyes and loose ends stitched up.
They are lovely and warm and considering the temperature outside is only 2 degrees I may not want to take them off.

Another achievement for me this week is to almost master "magic loop" knitting.  After studying many videos on the computer I was still baffled but persevered and with the help of this tutorial Magical Magic Loop I cracked it.

What a tangled mess with my Knit Pro needle, cable needle and stitch markers
After several attempts, with frustrated frogging I did it

Bella's mitten (No 1) in progress
And Ta dah one completed mitten

You'd think after completing one the second would be a breeze, but no!  I kept twisting my first row which results in a tangled mess and me getting more and more perplexed, however after again several attempts I am now on my way to completing mitten number two Bella's mittens

And finally after miscalculating my stitches in completing Sock Monkey hat I inadvertently created an adult version.  Rather than yet another unravelling session I carried on and now have a new hat.  I don't think I'll be wearing it out but I'm sure it will get snapped up by a friend or relation.  In this cold snap of weather I may be getting plenty of requests for more hats!

I'm signing off as my magic loop knitting is calling me and I am seriously addicted.  As I've been a good girl and completed all little jobs today I feel I have earned the right to carry on with my happy knitting xx

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