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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wonderful weekend Part two

Before the Monday morning blues get a grip of me I like to get out every Sunday for a walk along the wonderful Wirral Coastline. I am lucky to live on this peninsula as we have coast on three sides with some fantastic beaches and coastline.  City life is just a train ride away to Liverpool or in the opposite direction a bit further to Chester and like I said in my previous post North Wales is just a short car trip away.

Today again the weather was fabulous, bright and sunny so we headed of to the North Wirral coastal park aka The Gunsite for a short 2 mile round trip along the beach then back along the sand dunes.

On the beach there are always swathes of empty razor clam shells washed in by the tide, which crunch under foot

Crunch crunch crunch.

Now that's too nice - another one to add to my shell collection.

All refreshed and back home for dinner - a Moroccan inspired lamb dish using my new super heavy cast iron casserole dish.  These French domestic goddesses must have marvellous biceps with all the weight lifting they do whilst preparing their meals.  I love this cartoon showing what I will be capable of doing if I keep using these pans ha ha !

What I will do even though I did not keep up my blog last year is to trawl through my camera memory card and post some photos as a review of what I've been doing even if I didn't share it at the time.  Most of my knitting and crochet is already catalogued on my Ravelry page jamecks I've got some good photos and they sit there being neglected on my camera memory stick. One of my other New Year resolutions was to properly organise and catalogue my photos.  I love my battered old Sony DSC H9 camera, its battered because it goes everywhere with me but I had a bit of a scare where I thought I'd lost it. I was so upset about the missing memory card, hence my reason to be more organised!

Right prepare for Monday some quick mending and alterations of clothing to be done, school uniform to prepare and lunches to pack.  I will not let Mondayitis spoil what is left of my weekend Bye for now x

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