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Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello Old friend

Today a planned day off work was scheduled to go shopping with my friend to Liverpool.  Unfortunately snow stopped play so I was confined to barracks instead, but hey I don't mind pottering at home and I was not going to waste my day off so ..............

I had been coveting the Joseph Joseph Stacking system for some time and recently acquired a set - maybe it's the colours that attracted me to it.  Today I decided to christen it with flour and cocoa powder.

After rummaging in my baking cupboard I decided to bake Chocolate Muffins from Green & Blacks Ultimate Chocolate Cook book and followed that with an Apple cake

They turned out fine, I didn't bother frosting the chocolate muffins as my family don't like the fussiness. It would be different if they were girls I suppose. Teenage boys don't eat with their eyes they just swallow it whole!!

The apple cake was a strange method of baking to me and yes the sponge was extremely light as the recipe stated it should be.  In fact it was so light I struggled to get it out of the tin in one piece, hence the Ta dah moment is for one small slice, the rest will be hiding under custard later yum.  It is very nice and I would recommend you try it.

After baking , I cleaned, laundered and other domestic tasks before I settled down with an old friend. 

 Meet Irene my sewing machine...............

Irene xx

Why Irene?  That's because it was my mother's machine and sadly she has been gone now just over 9 years and I still miss her so.  My mother was always sewing, knitting, baking, home making - hey what good genes I have.  
So Irene and I had a bit of fun today, she can be a bit contrary and her tension goes awry whenever I rethread her or change the bobbin.  I looked this problem up on Singer's website and it appears to be a common problem with this machine. I love her but sometimes she drives me mad until the tension rights itself then I'm happy again.  We pottered along listening to some of my old CD's, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran  I felt like I was back in my old bedroom as a teenager again. 
At Christmas I asked my husband for a new pair of dressmaking scissors as my old ones couldn't cut through butter!  It is my intention to get back into my dressmaking, I used to design and make all my own clothes, but now working full time and with a family I find it hard to fit it in any more, but I am going to.
Super duper fabric cutting scissors and my mum's old sewing  tin

I love vintage clothes and do have some 50's dresses I have bought at vintage fairs, I have also bought reproduction clothes from places such as Heyday and Vivien of Holloway.  Fashion history fascinates me and I have a large collection of vintage dress and knitting patterns (all will be revealed as I maintain my blog).
All I ever seem to be doing on the sewing machine of late was clothing alterations and repairs and I had decided that I want to get back into my dressmaking again. (My patterns were calling me !)
The problem is I seem to have lost my confidence and fear I may mess it up, but I will persevere, you have to walk ... 

I have some nice cotton so I'll start with an apron

Before you can run  - right?

When I've rediscovered my mojo - who knows what will be next !

Whilst tidying and sorting my crafty corner ready for my relaunch into dressmaking I found an unfinished item.  A lovely black wool mix pencil skirt - already darted and stay stitched so this will be my reintroduction to my long lost hobby.

Waist darts

I am a sucker for high waisted clothing, I just think it gives a lovely shape.

So come on Irene, behave yourself and let's get stuck in, I fancy a new wardrobe of clothes for summer !

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  1. What a wonderful post, so full of good stuff!
    That set of measuring bowls and spoons looks brilliant - must try and track some down, i love the way they all stack together.
    Both the choc muffins and apple cake look delish!
    How lovely to have your Mum's sewing machine to treasure and use. You have some great vintage patterns there, I do hope you find time to make some up - I look forward to seeing the results!
    Thanks for such and interesting post!
    Gill xx