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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow time

In my last post I had my fingers, toes and everything else crossed hoping that the snow would miss us!!  That is while I'm at work as I worry how I'm going to get to work and more importantly how I'm going to get home again.  Yes it did arrive on Friday morning with gusto, I was already in work when it started to snow but luckily it eased off enough to allow me to get home again.  It's so unsettling as I could not focus on my work for the fear that I'd have to struggle getting home.
Saturday morning, different story, out of bed, grab the sledge and off to Wales to find a hill to slide down. We go to a field just outside of Mold near Loggerheads Country Park and so does everybody else, it was so busy with low flying people whizzing past us on a number of different modes of transport.

There were traditional old wooden sledges, modern plastic single seater and family size sledges; I even witnessed a metal roasting dish and a large sheet of plastic, any old thing will do.

Well we slipped and sled until we were wet through and could no longer feel our toes then headed back home - totally exhilarated !!  

It's makes me laugh all the time I have to work I try to avoid the snow and ice so I don't slip over, come the weekend I purposely go seeking it so I can throw myself down a hill at speed.

Back home in my nest (my crafty corner of the living room)  I've finished my mittens and am considering a matching cowl using the same horseshoe cable design.  I think I'll make my own design but will put that aside for now.  Looking through my UFO's (unfinished objects) I've decided to tackle some of these.

Can you tell what it is yet?

I also have a list of requests from family and friends that I need to tackle

1. Finish off an EWOK
2. Create bunting for my niece's nursery NAME BUNTING .  I've made a couple of these for baby gifts, they make a change from the usual bootees.
3. A Sock Monkey Hat to honour an outstanding order

However look what I found in my stash today


OOOOOOH !  I love Noro yarn especially the way the colours change as it knits up.  I've got to have a go with this starting tonight.  I think I'll have to do a different project each evening to keep up.

Monday - Ewok
Tuesday - Bunting
Wednesday - sock monkey hat
Thursday - Noro socks for me
Friday - Noro socks for me
and so on and so on !  

I've got a planned day off work tomorrow, do I go shopping or do I stay crafting hmm!!

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